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  • Mary Foley

[Stay Strong] So This Was Fun!

So, a few weeks ago I did a thing that was fun and now it’s ready. To hopefully inspire you, challenge you, and make you laugh!

You see, in January this year my friend Shannon Loy and I decided to train for a 100-mile Century Bike Ride. We had 4 months to get ready.

We’d been riding for nearly a year together and felt like champs doing a 50-miler. But double that? In one day?!

Yes, we’re a bit crazy, but these days we consider that a good thing. Going after crazy goals is a great antidote to fear.

So, we started watching lots of training videos, which really helped.. BUT we never found a single video by two middle-aged gals like us.

Probably because not a ton of middle-aged gals are going after a Century Ride…yet!

We decided to create a fun video to fill the void. We think it’s got some trusty training advice with a few surprises that only a middle-aged woman can truly appreciate.

Even if riding 100 miles isn’t on the top of your list, we hope to inspire you to go for goals that seem beyond your reach.

Watch and let me know what you think!


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