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A True Tribe of Women Entrepreneurs

The REV UP Society is a community of clear-minded women entrepreneurs.

We are inspired by our work.

We are committed to growing our businesses.

We realize that in a world full of more questions than answers, a true tribe matters.


Led by business coach Mary Foley, together we...

Replace confusion with clarity.​

Shift anxiousness into confidence.​

Transform dreams into specific actions with real results.​

All in a community of positivity and support.

Build a Better Business Because of Uncertainty

To stay strong we face head on questions like…


What do you want…now?

Will your current business plan generate the revenue you want…tomorrow?


Who is your ideal client…really?


What big problems do your ideal clients

What transformative solutions do you need to offer...that you aren't?


What are the most effective strategies for people to hire or buy from you…really?


What mindset shifts do you need to make ...for your next level success?


How do you need to eliminate overwhelm and exhaustion...before it eliminates you?


What's included in membership?


Monthly Personal Coaching Sessions with Mary Foley

In each session we focus on YOUR business, solve your speedbumps, and you get real, actionable next steps to reach your current goals.

REV UP Society App

When your personal coaching ends, the real work begins. With the REV UP app you will know exactly what you specific actions you need to do next to create big results. Plus, have an easy, immediate way to post updates, cheer others on, ask questions, and more.

Monthly Society 
Rendezvous Sessions

 This is when we gather to celebrate your most recent wins and use the power of the community to brainstorm solutions to your speed bumps.

Quarterly Reviews

Quarterly reviews have the power to make your big annual goals a reality. At the beginning of each quarter you will review your biggest wins and insights of the last 90 days. Then, use that recognition and reflection to determine your goals for the next 90 days. 

Laser Coaching
When You Need It

When something comes up that can’t wait for your next coaching session, you can reach out for a quick laser coaching session.

REV UP Society members get first dibs on registering for REV UP Retreats (usually held twice a year) before being offered to others. Since retreats often sell out, this is kind of a big deal! 

First Dibs on 
Retreat Registration

Apply Now!

REV UP Society is now open for Q4 2021 membership.  

Book a call ASAP to apply and explore if this is the true tribe for YOU, too!