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Be Bold + Thrive

A Community for Women Entrepreneurs

The REV UP Society is a group of select, clear-minded women entrepreneurs. Just like you, we are inspired by our work and committed to growing our businesses.


Together, we can replace your confusion with clarity.​

Shift your anxiousness into confidence.​

Transform your inconsistent action into a consistent habit
of hustling with heart.​

All in a community of positivity and support.

We tackle nagging questions like…


What do you want…now?

What’s your revenue plan…now?


How will you manage cash flow…now?


Who is your ideal client…really?


What problems do your ideal clients have now
and how will those problems change?

Will you do anything differently to solve those problems now…and as things change?


What are your most effective Revenue Generating Activities for people to hire or buy from you…today?


What’s your plan to continue to review and adjust as things change?


How will you stay motivated through speed bumps and setbacks?


Who is part of your support system to keep going and growing?


What's included in the REV UP Society?


Monthly Personal Coaching Sessions with Mary Foley

We focus on YOUR business, solve your speedbumps, and you get real, actionable next steps to keep moving forward.

Laser Coaching
When You Need It

When something comes up that can’t wait for your next coaching session, you can reach out for a quick laser coaching session.

Cash Flow Confidence for Small Business

Especially in rapidly changing times, cash flow is essential to maintain and grow your business. That’s why several times a year the Society hosts a 6-week interactive session where you learn directly from a female CFO about what you need to know your numbers along with practical tools to keep your business thriving.

Revenue Generating Activities (RGA) Challenge

Often members say this is a game-changer! The RGA Challenge is where you commit to doing and posting on the REV UP Society Facebook page at least 3 revenue generating activities a day. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about creating and maintaining a daily habit of hustle with heart, which is core to any successful business.

Monthly Rendezvous Review + Happy Hour

At the end of each month, grab a glass of something, exhale, and smile as we virtually gather to celebrate wins and brainstorm solutions to your speed bumps.

Private REV UP Society Facebook group

It’s where you post your RGAs. Also expect daily posts to motivate, inspire or make you laugh. Plus, it’s your community to ask questions, get feedback, and share successes!

REV UP Retreat

The REV UP Retreat is a 2.5 day in person experience at a private retreat house held several times a year, if possible. We review, re-calibrate and re-vision to keep your business revved up – all in a supportive, fun environment!


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Is the REV UP Society right for you?

Are you truly serious about revving up your business to a new level?

Are you a busy tired squirrel, feeling alone, and yearning for a simpler path to your goals?


Do you want a practical, fun, supportive way to keep you hustling, motivated and on track to “do the work” that’s required to take your business where you want it to go?

Membership Now Open!

REV UP Society calling your name?

Then apply now to discover more. REV UP Society is now open for a limited number of new members starting Q4 2020. Click below to complete the application form and schedule a call.


Known for her insights, candidness and humor, Mary Foley revs up women entrepreneurs with the clarity, confidence, consistency, and community to generate the revenue they really want. When she’s not wearing her red cape as a business coach, workshop facilitator, or host of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast, she’s usually sipping wine at a Virginia winery.   

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