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Level Up!

REV UP Retreat

April 10 - 13, 2022 | Sandbridge, VA


It's Time to Level Up You + Your Biz!

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No one and nothing stays the same.

You are either leveling up or sliding down.

As a woman entrepreneur, these last 2 years you kept adjusting and didn't give up. You got stronger and smarter.


But as you look at another year of uncertainty you know you need to get even smarter. You need to level up.

Level up your thinking.

Level up your strategy.

Level up your mindset.

Level up your personal wellbeing.

Level up your positive energy.

Level up your resilience.

That's what this REV UP Retreat is all about.


Because to level up requires time away from your day to day business to reflect, brainstorm, and get feedback.


So you get the clarity and confidence of what YOU need to do to level up you and your business for 2022.


At the REV UP Retreat you will be with committed women entrepreneurs who also want to... 

Honestly reflect,

Clarity challenges,

Gain insights,

Mastermind new solutions,

Think differently,

Authentically connect,

Celebrate wins,


Level up!

Retreat to Sandbridge, VA!

Located on the Virginia coast about 2 hours from Richmond, VA, the REV UP Retreat house sets the perfect vibe for connecting, reflecting, and
re-energizing you and your business. 

Here's what one of our previous retreats was like!


Sun, April 10: Arrive starting at 5 pm. Exhale, unpack, and chill with conversations and connections. Kick off dinner looking over the beach on the outdoor deck with Tiki Bar at 7 pm. 


Mon, April 11: To level up you must look back and forward. We will do a Q1 2022 review to celebrate your wins, glean insights, and identify your current challenges. We'll be masterminding strategies, sharing solutions and generating unexpected breakthroughs! Oh, and lots of yummy food, snacks, and evening cheers!

Tues, April 12We will look ahead to identify what's next to keep you and your business levelling up in Q2. We will focus on what you need to do and who you need to be to truly level up. Be ready to be open, interactive, and creatively inspired! Plus, more brain fuel (AKA food) and preferred beverages. 

Wed, April 13: Depart after breakfast with an OMG-I-so-needed-this kinda feeling!


You know the issues that keep an entrepreneur up at night, freaking out? 


Through mastermind sessions, revealing quizzes, breakout sessions with other awesome women, and intelligent insights, I had several game-changing breakthroughs. All this happened in a super fun-filled stay with amazing women while eating delicious, healthy food, and creating great, lasting relationships. The REV UP Retreat was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time!

Kim Wells Eley

KWE Publishing


Your Registration Includes ALL THIS!

  • Kick-off dinner looking over the beach on the outdoor deck with Tiki Bar

  • 2 full interactive days of facilitated conversations, reflection activities, and thought-challenging sessions to level up you and your business

  • Beautiful retreat house right on the beach with plenty of indoor and outdoor areas for private reflection and cozy conversations

  • 3 nights lodging (All single rooms!)

  • All meals of delicious, healthy food with your food intolerances and preferences in mind. (Includes 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners, and snacks)

  • Drinks (BYO adult beverages)

  • Tons of high-fives, ah-has, laughter, and soul-satisfying connecting