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  • Mary Foley

Ditch the Stress and Make Your Holiday Bodacious!

Tis the season to be stressed – or is that jolly – sometimes it’s hard to tell during the holidays.  This used to be the time of year of Santa, magic and joy.  Now as an adult, anticipating Santa has been replaced with parties to look good for, a long list of gifts to buy, and holiday pageants.

And don’t forget selecting, writing, and sending cards.  Then there’s interacting with in-laws, out-laws, and every family relationship in between.

Oh, yeah, there’s still your business that doesn’t slow down just because it’s the holidays.  In fact, for many it’s the time of year to finalize budgets, meet project deadlines, and make end of the year numbers.

Are you exhausted yet?

No matter all the "stuff" that comes with this time of year, with these 9 simple shifts you can make to ditch the holiday stress and make them BODACIOUS!