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  • Mary Foley

Ditch the Stress and Make Your Holiday Bodacious!

Tis the season to be stressed – or is that jolly – sometimes it’s hard to tell during the holidays.  This used to be the time of year of Santa, magic and joy.  Now as an adult, anticipating Santa has been replaced with parties to look good for, a long list of gifts to buy, and holiday pageants.

And don’t forget selecting, writing, and sending cards.  Then there’s interacting with in-laws, out-laws, and every family relationship in between.

Oh, yeah, there’s still your business that doesn’t slow down just because it’s the holidays.  In fact, for many it’s the time of year to finalize budgets, meet project deadlines, and make end of the year numbers.

Are you exhausted yet?

No matter all the "stuff" that comes with this time of year, with these 9 simple shifts you can make to ditch the holiday stress and make them BODACIOUS!

B:  Be there, be real.  Do more than physically show up to parties with co-workers, friends or family.  Bring your real-time attention, enthusiasm and sincerity.  Take the initiative to start conversations, introduce others and laugh like you mean it.

O: Order, order, order.  Order out dinner when you need write holiday cards.  Order food for parties or (gasp!) the big meal itself.  Order gifts online or through catalogs.  You can’t enjoy the season yourself if you’re wiped out by doing everything yourself.

D: Dare to tell the people you love that you love them.  That’s right, say the words and tell them why.  Enthusiastically! Talk about a powerful present.

A: Accept gifts with shameless appreciation.  Let your eyes sparkle and your smile spread wide.  Give them a big hug, look them in the eye and offer and spirited “Thank you!”  That’s part of your gift to them!

C: Call or Facebook someone who sent you one of those “here’s what we did this year” letters with a surprise hello!  Leave a voice mail, post comment on something they shared, and simply wish them a great holiday.  They won’t forget and you’ll feel great!

I: Introduce yourself at those awkward holiday parties where you only know a few people.  Likely others are feeling the same way so by taking the initiative you are helping to make everyone feel comfortable.  And, you just never know what interesting people or connections you might make!

O:  Open yourself.  Be your own gift to yourself this holiday.  Take a few moments just for you to read your favorite magazine over coffee, get a mani or pedi, or simply take a nap.

U: Unleash expectations.  Of yourself.  Of others.  Let go of any holiday tradition that is traditionally dragging you down.  In fact, through away the leash!  Your inner dog will be thrilled.

S: Stand under as much mistletoe as possible! If fact, why not carry mistletoe with you and spontaneously hold it over someone’s head? Goodness knows we could all use a few more good hugs and smackeroos.  Now is the time to stock up!



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