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Real Experiences | Real Change

Client Testimonials

Jennifer Ledet.jpg

Mary's REV UP Society is a game changer! As a business coach, Mary brings the expertise, insights, and energy to help women entrepreneurs create a customized revenue generating plan that is in alignment with who you are and that will get the results you want. Then, being surrounded by the other go-getting, like-minded power-full women entrepreneurs in the group creates a level of accountability, connection and community so that you know you're not alone and they've always got your back. I would recommend Mary and her REV UP Society ONLY to women entrepreneurs who want to grow their revenue, build lasting relationships, and have FUN in the process!

Jennifer Ledet

Ledet Management Consulting

Emilie Davis Headshot (cafe).png

The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is feeling isolated and losing momentum. After joining the REV UP Society, I no longer feel that way. Mary is a straight talking coach who is invigorating and supportive. I'm motivated every day to be better by the amazing women who surrounded me. This combo has made a huge difference in my business growth!

Emilie Davis

LinkHouse Consultants


I was blown away by Mary's professionalism, humor, and amazing ability to connect. She has coached me through her workshops, one-on-one, and as a member of her REV UP Society. She does it in a way that not only feels "right" but can be implemented easily and is effective - that's a rare skill. To all female kickbutt entrepreneurs, drop everything and work with Mary TODAY! 

Kim Wells Eley

KWE Publishing


One of the best decisions I ever made! I was blown away by Mary's wealth of knowledge and genuine interest in helping female entrepreneurs. She has not only helped me rev up my business with her expertise and advice, but she has continuously supported me throughout my journey. 


Shannon Loy

The Social Ginger


Before working with Mary I was scattered on steroids. Now, I'm focused on fire! I'm now able to focus on the things that matter to increase the revenue in my organization and delegate the rest. Plus, I set a goal to become a state wide expert in a couple of different things. Mary has helped me achieve that.

Lisa Dearden



I am so glad that I joined the REV UP Society! The women have a wide range of businesses and all came together to cheer each other on as we took steps to shift our businesses.

Personal coaching sessions with Mary were very productive and she has a delightful approach with our group, providing a great balance of serious discussion and happy hour fun that carried us through some emotionally challenging times. The resources and collective wisdom of the REV UP Society is invaluable to any business owner who wants to continue their growth as they share their unique brilliance with the world.

Kelly Lutman

Pursue Wellness For You


Mary cuts through to the chase, no nonsense, no excuses! She coaches you to get focused on what you really want and helps you craft a plan to achieve your goals. Even us energizer-bunny types run out of battery sometimes. We need an experienced, external perspective to see opportunities that we may have missed or given up on. She got me fired up, boosted my self-confidence with accountability to her and the gals in the REV UP Society, helped me more clearly align my efforts to my goals, and reminded me that I *can* be successful in my Plan A.

Loralyn Mears

Being part of Mary Foley’s REV UP Society helped me and my business in countless ways during the COVID-19 quarantine. First, having Mary to discuss and formulate ideas to help me make the necessary shift in the way I conduct my business was vital. She gave me valuable insight and made me accountable to implement the needed changes. Second, it gave me access to a group of remarkable women who have been a great resource because they are all the best at what they do. Mary is one in a million!    

Ellen McIlhenny

CFO Plus Services

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