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From Now On:

7 Critical Mindset Shifts
for Women Entrepreneurs
Going Forward
Hey there woman entrepreneur!
You made it through months of quarantine.

Wow. Good. For. YOU!

Now, how will you STAY STRONG as things reopen?
Wait, what is that invisible ballon over your head?
Are you weary from a crazy, demanding year?
Do you find yourself saying, "that won't work anymore"?
Do you wonder what's next with continued uncertainty?

I don't feel strong...

When everything else has changed, your mindset needs to change, too.

How you think about yourself.
How you think about others.
How you think about your business.
Exactly how do you need to think differently?

No magic wand here. But there are 7 critical mindset shifts that I’ve personally made that’s made a HUGE difference. And I recommend them to all my clients.


Truth be told, these mindset shifts have been important in the past. But from now on they are critical to succeed in this brave, new world.


You can stay strong! Let these 7 critical mindset shifts help.

“The past year I tossed years of procrastination and self-doubt aside. I went all in to do what I wanted to do for 4 years. Your guide came right when I needed it.” 
-  Schweta Gautam

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From Now On:
7 Critical Mindset Shifts
for Women Entrepreneurs Going Forward

"I can what-if any situation into world destruction. Your new guide helped me open my mind up to so much more possibility!
-Liz Bryant

Hey there, my name is Mary Foley, founder of the REV UP Society for women entrepreneurs. 

I know what it's like to feel anxious and uncertain in your business. From bubbles and recessions to glass ceilings and corporate politics, I've navigated challenging times and understand what it takes to thrive.


And lessons I learned were put to the test in the crisis that started in 2020! That's why I created the From Now On guide. 


I want to share with you the 7 critical mindset shifts you need to make now to succeed in this brave, new world. 

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"My biggest takeaway was your tip on how to say no! Gold!"
-Debbie H.