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A Community for
Women Entrepreneurs

Committed to Success


Staying Strong in Uncertainty is Hard.
Doing it Alone is Harder.

As a woman entrepreneur, you want to build a thriving business that you love. The problem is, the world today is more unpredictable than ever, leaving you feeling anxious about how to create real growth and uncertain of where to turn to when things don’t go according to plan.

Don't Face Uncertainty Alone!

Imagine a community that inspires you to achieve your most ambitious

business goals, encouraging you to take bold action.

The REV UP Society is a group of clear-minded women entrepreneurs who are inspired by their work and committed to success. Together, members of the REV UP Society provide a strong and supportive community where you can confide your challenges, mastermind new strategies, and celebrate your wins.

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Replace Confusion With Clarity

Through one-on-one coaching and powerful group sessions, you will get clear on exactly what you need to do (and not do) to achieve your goals. Plus keep yourself accountable in an environment of support and encouragement.

Shift Anxiousness Into Confidence

When uncertainties arise and anxious feelings start to creep back in, you know there is a group of women entrepreneurs who understand what you're going through and have your back. You know exactly where to turn.

Be Bold
and Thrive

Build a business that is better and stronger because of challenges and uncertainty. Tap into the collective creativity of the community to brainstorm savvy pivots and new opportunities to grow your business - that before may not have been possible.

Together We Can...

Rated #1 Female Business Coach in
Richmond, VA by Influence Digest

Ready to Stay Strong + REV UP?


Decide to Stay Strong

It's a courageous decision to stay strong and build a better business during so much change and challenge.


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REV UP Society membership is currently closed. Contact us for more info.

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“Working with Mary was one of the best investments I have made for my business. My personal chef and catering business was doing okay, but after Mary's supportive and empowering leadership in the REV UP Society, my business has been thrust into a new light. The real traction came from being held accountable for revenue generating activities. Already my personal chef business has increased by 25% and my catering season has a 50% increase. ” 


Tammy Brawley

The Green Kitchen


Your Fearless Leader

I know what it's like to feel anxious and uncertain in your business. From bubbles and recessions to glass ceilings and corporate politics, I've navigated challenging times and understand what it takes to thrive: clarity, confidence, and community.

I've watched countless women struggle to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams because they were never given practical, actionable advice on how to have a successful business. In my nearly 20 years of advising, mentoring, and coaching women, it's become clear that women thrive when they experience the powerful combination of individual one-on-one coaching, real accountability, and a community of supportive and meaningful relationships.

That's why I created the REV UP Society. Together, we can be stronger, smarter, and savvier in the midst of uncertainty. Join us and discover how your business can grow in ways you never imagined!

Mary Foley
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