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  • Mary Foley

[Stay Strong] Grown-Up Vision Boards for the Grown-Up You

Forget magazines, scissors, and glue. You’re a full-fledged grown-up. It’s time to create a new kind of vision board for the grown-up you.

That’s what we did at the most recent REV UP Retreat. And it was a huge hit! All the grown-up women entrepreneurs agreed it was a vision board game changer.

Within just 30 minutes they each created a vision board for their Q4 2021 goals. And they will use this same board to create a brand-new vision board for 2022.

What’s this grown-up vision board?

I’ll tell you, but first, do vision boards really work?

If you’re not already a believer in vision boards, the short answer is yes. But it’s not magic. Vision boards are simply a tool that help you clarify and stay focused on your most important goals.

But, like any tool, you have to use it.

Successful athletes are known for using mental visualization to master their skills and imagine winning. Focused imagination and commitment to your short list of most important goals is training your brain for what you want to be true.

You can use a vision board to keep your goals front and center. When you regularly see the result of your goals through pictures and words, you are motivating yourself to take the necessary, consistent actions to move towards them.

Vision boards don’t get you off the hook of real work. They simply get out of your heart and mind what you really want and keep that in front of you.

But creating your vision board has speed bumps for the busy woman entrepreneur. These speed bumps include taking too much time, gathering all the materials (especially magazines…after you ditched lots of subscriptions), and not feeling you’re the creative type.

When planning for the REV UP Retreat, I was brainstorming how to flatten these speed bumps. And I wanted a vision board that was conveniently at your desk, or you could take with you. So that you could look at it often. Otherwise, a vision board can feel useless.

In my search, I found the Vision Board Reimagined. It’s a beautiful folding vision board with 18 slots for cards that can be inserted and changed from quarter to quarter or any time frame you desire.

Instead of hunting through magazines or printing out online images, you have 100 visualization cards with Instagram-worthy photos on one side and inspiring words on the other. Plus a few blank cards for you to write your goals or messages in your words. You can also purchase additional motivational card packs focused on wealth, happiness, balance, and more.

This way of creating a vision board cuts right to the chase. You don’t have to be a super creative, you just need to select and insert the cards that capture your goals and energize you. (And easily replace them later if you need to tweak!)

Once I found the Vision Board Reimagined, I was so excited to share with the gals coming to the retreat but decided to keep it a surprise. At the end of two very full days, after several activities to determine their Q4 goals, I then revealed this new, grown-up vision board approach.

Their energy level suddenly shot up like a double espresso! They couldn’t wait to get started on creating their Q4 vision board. Just 30 minutes later they proudly shared their results. And now it sits up on their desk as an ongoing reminder and inspiration.

The same can be true for you, too. You can order your own Vision Board Reimagined here or on Amazon.

Here's to your revving up your business and slaying your Q4 2021 goals!

P.S. - I receive NO monetary compensation for recommending this vision board. My client’s response and results is compensation enough.


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