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  • Mary Foley

What Cycling Taught Me About Staying Strong During the Pandemic

Staying strong during the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone. What I never anticipated is how much a metal frame with wheels would become my cycologist.

You see, not long ago I moved to a new home next to a 50-mile bike trail. I knew I wanted to get a new bike and start riding again after nearly 20 years. Nearly 700 hundred miles later, here’s what I now know more than ever:

1. You gotta get OUT!

To shift your mindset and keep feeling positive, you have to leave your usual four walls. It’s the easiest, most immediate way to see your world differently.

When I got outside and rode the trail, I temporarily left behind my home office, my bedroom, my kitchen, and everything else in my home. On my bike I had surroundings which were new and stimulating. I saw houses, open fields, treetops, and big sky. Nature’s spring became my spring. The renewal renewed me.