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  • Mary Foley

[Stay Strong] Funny How Life Works

Want one more book suggestion to inspire you to stay strong in business and life during uncertainty? Thought so. Ha!

If you haven’t heard of him (now you have!), he’s a clean comedian who has done stand up with a lot of big names.

When his book came out this past April, I picked up the audio version so I could listen while doing stuff that didn’t require full brain activity. I wanted a break from all the yuck.

I found myself laughing, smiling, and even tearing up.

It was if we were having coffee and he was sharing personal stories that he knew I needed to hear. Some stories were surprising, others were tough, but how he always found the humor and silver lining.

A good dose of laughter, hope, and goodness is great medicine to stay strong. Michael Jr delivered! And we’re having coffee again, I’m pretty sure.


Do you want to stay strong?... Do you want to do it together?

I didn’t write a book, but to inspire you to stay strong, I created a 10-part email series called Stay Strong + REV UP. In this series, you will:

  • Discover your first (and last) hurdle to success and staying strong

  • Why your revenue can remain strong if you’re a magician rather than a mule

  • The very best way to sell and serve others in changing circumstances

  • The simplest way to determine your client’s biggest problems…now

  • How to get past the fear of what to do next in any situation


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