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  • Mary Foley

[7 Critical Mindset Shifts] W.A.I.T. to Truly Connect

Do you want to truly connect with friends, loved ones, and ideal clients? Because when you do, it’s like magic, right? It feels easy, it flows, and meaningful exchange happens.

I love those moments. Truth be told, I live for those moments. Because relationships become rich and having plenty of clients is easy.

You know what’s even easier? NOT truly connecting.

Not because you don’t want to connect. Because you and I tend to do one thing in particular that gets in the way.

My client Susan did this one thing frequently and it often ruined what started out as a great conversation. She shared stories that went like this:

“I was talking with a woman who had the potential to be a new client. We were having such a great conversation that before I know it, I was giving her all kinds of advice, the kind clients pay me for and was intense” she said.

“I kept talking and talking and her eyes started to glaze over.” (FYI: Glazed Eyes = Lost Connection!) “Ugh, I need to stop talking” she confessed. “I was just on a roll and really wanted to be helpful.”

Like other times, she didn’t get a new client and she didn’t feel good about dominating the conversation.

Have you been there?

  • You’re feeling positive and full of mojo talking with someone.

  • You start sharing more. Lots more.

  • You’re well intentioned. You want them to succeed.

  • And then boom, you’ve either shared too much or too long and the initial connection timed out.

  • The moment – and often a new client – is lost.

If you’ve adopted a Selling is Serving mindset, this can happen if you’re not alert.

While I was listening to Susan suddenly a humorous idea to avoid this tendency popped into my mind. We laugh about it to this day. And she uses this idea all the time – with a smile on her face.

Here it is:

In any conversation, where you truly want to connect…and you hear too much of your own voice…imagine a dialogue bubble over your head that reads:

Why Am I Still Talking?”

Yep, W.A.I.T.! 🤣

Wait for the other person to respond.

Wait for them to share more about their situation instead of immediately sharing a time when that happened to you, too.

Wait for processing and trust to be created in the silent moments.

Wait. You don’t have to share so much.

If a true connection is created and the relationship lasts, then you will be able to say everything you need over time.

Why are you still talking anyways? Oh, I’m sure there’s another insight there, too. But let’s wait for another time on that one!



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