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  • Mary Foley

[Be Bold + Thrive] Your Client’s Biggest Problems = Your Biggest Contribution Yet

With this continued pandemic and economic uncertainty, your clients have new problems they don’t know how to solve.

Sounds depressing. Except to the bold and courageous entrepreneur.

If you identify your client’s biggest problems and come up with solutions, you can make your biggest contribution yet. As the saying goes, there’s gold in them hills! And not just revenue gold, but something even more precious and rewarding: real, positive impact.

Clients Always Pay You To Solve Problems

It might look like a straightforward problem – “I need social media marketing (or financial planning or a new website) and I don’t know how.”

Or it might look like a speed bump – “I need help to get this task or project done faster and better.”

Or it might be a desire – “I want new jeans to make me look a size smaller! You got some? I’m all in!”

These are all “problems”. You make buying decisions for your own business and personal needs. And you know that the bigger and more urgent the problem, the more valuable it is to get it solved. That means, the bigger the problem you solve, the bigger contribution you can make.

For example, if your expertise is social media marketing, imagine how valuable it is to your client to transform their social media marketing so that they connect with a ton of new people and double their sales. So freakin’ valuable!

They are happy to pay you. And you have kept another small business owner going and growing.

The key to big impact it to figure out your client’s biggest problems…right now…after so long in the pandemic.

Your Client’s Pandemic Problems Have Changed

When the pandemic first set in, your clients had an immediate reaction. Then to survive they had to pivot and pivot and pivot.

At this point, according to Martin Lindstrom, author of Buyology, the pandemic may have re-wired buyers (and all of us) so much that the impact will last long after COVID-19 fades away. That has huge implications on what problems your clients are trying to solve now and in the future.

A Practical Way To Figure Out Your Client’s Biggest Problems Now

So, what’s a practical way to figure out your client’s biggest problems at this point in the pandemic party? Answer these 2 questions:

  1. What do YOU think are your client’s biggest problems right now? Write down all the problems you currently solve or want to solve for ideal clients. Then circle what you believe to be their TOP 3 problems.

  2. What do your CLIENTS think are their biggest problems right now?

If you haven’t asked them lately, now is the time! Here’s how: Reach out to 3 – 5 of your best clients from this year and ask for a short conversation, like this: “Curious if you could help me out. I’m looking to improve what I’m doing to add even more value to my clients. Can I ask you a few questions to get your advice, insights, and recommendations?” (Psst! More people will say YES when you ask for their advice.) You want to ask questions to understand their most pressing problems today, like these:

  • With everything that’s happened in 2020, what are your biggest business challenges now?

  • What have you already tried to address these challenges?

  • Why didn’t that work?

  • If you could solve these challenges, what difference would it really make to you and your business? Ask for real dollars or percentages.

Listen carefully and write down their responses. After several calls, you will far more clarity about their biggest problems and why it matters to solve them. Gold! Now you can take smart action.

No one said figuring out your client’s biggest problems now was easy. But it’s also not hard. It’s so within reach for entrepreneurs who deeply desire to make a difference. So, throw on your red cape, be bold and do it!

To make it easier, download the Be Bold + Thrive 2021 Guide where you can find these questions and space to capture your client’s biggest problems.


Be Bold + Thrive 2021 Guide

Are you a women entrepreneur who is sooo over 2020?

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