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  • Mary Foley

[Be Bold + Thrive] Do Clients See You as a Magician or a Mule?

When you solve problems for clients, do they see you as a magician or a mule?

The answer is an important distinction. Especially if you want to be bold and thrive in 2021. And critical if you’re aiming for your biggest contribution and impact yet.

A magician waves their wand and boom! The client’s problem is solved! It feels like magic because they don't know how to do it themselves.

Think accounting or cybersecurity or social media marketing that truly works. That’s not the client’s specialty, that's not their expertise, and it feels a bit mysterious. But, dang, they want it d-o-n-e!

Compare this to a mule. A mule is important. A mule does valuable work. But a mule does stuff your client doesn’t like to do or doesn’t have the bandwidth to get done.

They don't have the time, they don't have the people power, and they don’t want to put off getting it done. Mules are like an extra pair of hands that are appreciated but often undervalued.

Every client you have right now with a big problem wants you to be a magician. They want you to wave a magic wand and have it solved.