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  • Mary Foley

[7 Critical Mindset Shifts] How Will You Stay Strong?

You’ve made it through the last 14 months of quarantine, masks, and massive stress.

Wow. Good. For. YOU!

Now, how will you STAY STRONG?

Wait, what is that invisible balloon over your head? That you don’t feel strong?!

That you’re weary from a crazy, demanding year.

That you find yourself saying “that won’t work anymore.”

And you wonder what’s next because there’s so much still so uncertain.

No magic wand here. Just a suggestion.

When everything else has changed, how you THINK must change, too.

How you think about yourself,

how you think about others,

and how you think about your business.

Exactly how do you need to think differently?

I can’t tell you for sure, but I can share 7 critical mindset shifts that I’ve made, and I recommend to all my clients.

Truth be told, these mindset shifts have been important in the past. But from now on they are critical to succeed in this brave, new world.

"This past year has thrown us all off. The big choice now is, will you get back up, regroup, and go forward? The truth is that building a business and creating a meaningful life doesn't get easier. You just get better at it."

If you are looking for some guidance to make this year your best yet, check out my free guide From Now On: 7 Critical Mindset Shifts for Women Entrepreneurs Going Forward.

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