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REV UP Retreat

Next retreat will be in 2021!

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You need a real break!

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For months now you’ve been working hard to keep your business going. 

You worked from home while quarantined. 
You pivoted how to help clients. 
You got Zoom ass.

You lost some clients. 
You persevered to get new ones.
You figured out how to keep yourself sane.
You didn’t give up.

You also need a real break.
From the grind. From clients. From family.
In a positive, uplifting, fun environment.
That’s all about energizing you and your business.

Because you aren’t about to let go of your dreams.
You didn’t come this far to come this far.
You are going farther.
Through re-opening and beyond.

That’s why you’re invited to take a break with a select group of women entrepreneurs who feel exactly the same way.

REV UP Retreat!

Re-energize you + your business at the

August 20-22, 2020

Rustburg, VA (near Lynchburg, VA)

We will walk through these 7 simple, powerful steps to get your red cape flying higher than ever!

We will kick off the retreat connecting and doing a post quarantine exhale. Consider it a combo of kumbaya and kick ass!

Everything changed when COVID-19 hit and we were all suddenly quarantined. Now it’s changing again during re-opening.


What problems do your ideal clients have now…and how will those problems change during re-opening? Will you do anything differently to solve those problems now…and as things change?
You will get super clear on THE biggest, most valued problems you solve now with your products or services.

Who is your ideal client during re-opening?
Using a series of questions you will laser in on understanding your best buyers...and then create a visual profile to easily keep them top of mind.

What are your most effective Revenue Generating Activities (RGAs) for people to hire or buy from you now…and as businesses open up? It’s common to have so many ideas about how to grow your business that you try to pursue them all and don’t get enough traction in any of them. You will create a simplified plan of your top products or services and a short list of RGAs that have the most impact today.

Consistently doing high impact RGAs will be your business growth superpower! Learn the simple, powerful strategy of putting your Simplified Plan to work every single day. And, the mindset you need to stay on track.

Do the work of implementing your Simplified Plan and you will be rewarded. It’s even more exciting when you forecast your revenue to see what’s possible!

What’s your plan to continue to review and adjust as things change? You will determine a simple measurement to evaluate how well your RGAs are working. Plus you will decide the frequency and format for you to review, learn and adjust your plan to keep it effective.

The REV UP Retreat House!

Located in Rustburg, VA (near Lynchburg), the REV UP retreat house sets the perfect vibe for learning, creative thinking, laughing, and connecting!

This is where we will…

  • Gather for all our learning and creative problem solving 

  • Enjoy yummy, healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner by Chef Tammy Brawley of The Green Kitchen

  • Hang out on the front porch, back deck or comfy sofa discussing the meaning of life or your latest fave series on Netflix

  • Play pool or video games in the game room downstairs


Wednesday, August 19: Arrive anytime after 6 pm and get settled in so you’re ready to go first thing in the morning. A salad bar dinner with wine (and conversation!) will be available until 8:30 pm. 


Thursday, August 20: Breakfast starts at 8 am. and we kick things off at 9 am sharp! It’s a full, active day until 5 pm. Then it’s some time to relax before dinner by Chef Tammy Brawley! 


Friday, August 21: Breakfast starts at 8 am and we’re back at it at 9 am until 5 pm. More wine, more conversation, and more amazing food by Chef Tammy!


Saturday, August 22: Breakfast starts a little earlier at 7 am. Our final session is 8 – 11 am. Leave with an OMG, that was amazing kinda feeling!

How much for all this goodness?

REV UP Retreat registration, meals and lodging, is $1,000! 



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