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  • Mary Foley

You Will Never Have Enough Time Until You Do These 2 Things

Seem like you never have enough time? Did you run out of time today? Again? Ugh.

You begin your work day with full intention of being productive and before you know it your client has an unexpected request. Then a friendly colleague reached out asking for a favor. Plus, your chatty friend just had to tell you all the details about their weekend hiking trip. Oh, and someone at home needs you attention ASAP!

The day is over and your list is hardly done. It might even be longer!

Everything that's happened is understandable, responsive, and entertaining. But, you are left with a lingering to-do list and a really loud sucking sound from the time vacuum cleaner.

Productivity experts offer helpful suggestions such as managing your e-mail and social media, using productivity software, and getting organized.