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  • Mary Foley

What’s Missing in Male Business Advice that Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Much of the business advice from male business experts doesn’t fully cut it for women entrepreneurs. These experts haven’t quite figured out how their advice is different for women. Plus, they’ve left out some parts all together!

Don’t get me wrong. The male perspective has some merit, but, it’s not the whole picture.

Here are 7 critical things that’s missing in advice from male business experts that women entrepreneurs needs to know.

1. Most business guru’s miss how women experience life differently than men.

Because of our brain wiring, women experience life in a much more intuitive, emotional, and integrated way. Men, on the other hand, pretty much think about one thing at a time and usually do little to relate one thing to another.

2. Most women define success differently than men.

Success for most women is heavily tied to emotional and intrinsic fulfillment that comes from multiple areas of life. Women aren’t satisfied with sacrificing family or loved ones to have business success. We want it all and they want experts to help us get it all. Most men define success in terms of money, status, and power.

3. Most business gurus don’t address the stress women experience.

Because of all the roles most women play, being able to manage stress effectively is key to having a successful business and life. Men typically juggle fewer roles and don’t stress over someone’s needs not being met.

4. Most business gurus don’t address the impact of significant relationships in a woman’s life.

A woman’s significant relationships directly affect her business success and how to keep them in good health.

Because women experience life in a more integrated way, when a significant relationship is out of kilter, everything else is affected, including her business.

5. Most business gurus don’t say that taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of a client.

Most women struggle with doing good things for themselves and their business suffers as a result.

6. Most business gurus don’t delve into a woman’s natural strengths.

For example, women's relationship skills are a huge competitive advantage for growing their business.

7. Most business gurus don’t address the “good girl” tendencies most women have.

A great example of this is how women hold themselves back from proactively selling themselves or their product or service.


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