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  • Mary Foley

Uncover Your Business Growth Superpower

YOU have a business growth superpower that will never fail you. And it’s in front of you right now waiting to be seen and uncovered.

Just what is your business growth superpower?

It’s doing at least three revenue generating activities every single day. These RGAs as I like to call them are specific actions that you take to lead more of your ideal clients to saying “Yes!” So it might look like marketing. It might look like sales. It might look like promotion.

Whatever you label it, it’s your short list of really vetted, thought out, high impact activities that lead more people to say yes to you, your products and your services. The real power is not having your RGA list. It’s DOING at least things on your list every single day.

You’ve got to schedule it and you’ve got to commit to it. It might take 30 minutes one day. It might take 90 minutes some days. It might take three hours some other days. But there’s nothing more important than doing this for your business. It’s creating a habit of hustle, and good things come to those who hustle with heart.

Warning! There are evil superpowers out there too.

Sudden demands by others, your pet project, or just not feeling like it. Anything that wants to prevent you from doing your three things.

That’s why you have to commit to these daily revenue generating activities, and schedule it, and then totally anticipate that when the time comes for you to do them, you’re going to have thoughts like, “Oh, I’m too tired” or “I don’t really understand how to do this. This is really uncomfortable. I’ll do it later. “ Mel Robbins says we have five seconds to give in and believe all this crap, because that’s really what it is.

The best antidote to all the mental shenanigans is to simply START.

Start writing that email.

Start dialing that number.

Start going on to LinkedIn to connect with the people you just met yesterday.

Because once you start, it all becomes so much easier and you can keep your cape flying. Here’s to revving up your business!



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