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  • Mary Foley

This One Shift Changes Everything to Feel Confident in Constant Change

When you’re confident you know what to do, how to do it, and have no doubts.  Right?  You are free of fear, worries and uncertainties.  You are self-assured.

There’s just one huge problem. It’s constant change – in the economy, businesses, communities, and more. It’s enough to rock anyone’s confidence. Nothing feels certain. As soon as something seems to settle down or be set, it shifts once again.

Today we need a new definition of confidence.  And here it is. Real confidence in the real world is “I know I can figure it out.

That’s saying “I believe in myself enough that somehow, some way, step by step, piece by piece, moment by moment, I can make my way, I can navigate through this, I can figure it out. Not necessarily alone. In fact, I will very likely get help. But, I will lead the way to figure out what’s in front of me.”

Here are two pieces of irrefutable pieces of evidence that you have this kind of confidence within your grasp right now:

Exhibit A:  You have been adapting to change your entire life.

Nothing about you is the same since you showed up on this planet. You’ve been learning, growing, changing in some way every single day.

Exhibit B:  You are still here.

This thing called life hasn’t put you six feet under or in a jar. Sure, you’ve stumbled and had mistakes, but those haven’t been enough to stop you from ultimately moving forward.

So, next time you find yourself getting uptight, nervous, or freaking out about another new twist on a project, an unexpected demand from client, or a mini-crisis at home, just stop.

Take a deep breath, strike a Wonder Woman pose and say out loud: I know I can figure this out. I’ve done it in the past, I can do it now. What’s the first step?

Because real confidence in the real world is about remembering your existing strength and abilities – and applying them to your current situation.

You’ve got this – more than you know!


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