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  • Mary Foley

The Simple Way to Make More Money More Quickly

Want to make more money and generate more revenue, more quickly?

Stop selling so much. That’s right. Stop selling so many things.

Put all your energies in just a few products or services. Concentrate rather than dissipate.

The problem with too many products and services

It’s that little word too. There are too many options for clients and prospects and buyers to choose from. It requires too much time to really market those products and services well.

And it leaves you with too few clients, sales, and revenue.

As Greg McKeown, author of “Essentialism” says, it’s all about less, but better. How?

The oh-duh way to choose your top revenue producers

Make the list of all your products and services, and how much revenue you generated from each in the last 12 months. Then circle your three biggest numbers.

These are your top three revenue producers. And if you’ve got one that’s particularly high, put 80% of your energy there.

But wait, what about my other products and services?

At every stage of business growth, you will be challenged to let go of the good to grab hold of the great. Those pet projects will still be there whenever you want to come back to them.

It’s uncomfortable at first, but when you start making more money because you focused on your biggest revenue producers, you won’t feel so bad.


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