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  • Mary Foley

The Real Story of Thanksgiving Dinner!

We have had another challenging year, but in the midst of crisis, there's also been clarity and there's been community.

I want to thank you for being part of my community and allowing me to inspire you to be bold, to thrive, and to stay strong in your business and your mindset. It's truly been something that's filled me up, to be able to have some purpose, to be of help to you.

When I shared and announced my new thing called Live Like Your Nail Color, this brand new way to cheer you on, I got so many great responses and I'm grateful for that too. In fact, I wanted to share a couple with you.

One gal said, "Your whole website is energizing, inspiring, and fun!"

Fun is a thing we all need more of, right? It just lifts our spirits and reminds us of life's joy.

Joy happens just as much as chip happens. And it's really key for you to be open to it.

Just the other day, I met a new friend and we spontaneously had a fun, joyful time coming up with what really happens at the Thanksgiving dinner, all based upon real nail color names.

We were roaring putting it together! I thought this might put a smile on your face too.

The Real Story of Thanksgiving Dinner!

Welcome to Home Sleet Home, where Gratitude is Everything. Well until it's not.

First of all, the dinner is Cran-tastic after you've been Russian Around for days. But everyone still hasn't shown up. Where's Ms. Glamsterdam?

The food is starting to get cold. I mean, sure, there's a Cold Front, but she's only A Stone's Throw away.

Uncle Fred is not happy. He is Coming in Hot. He says he's Feeling Pine, but no one believes him. Aunt Donna changes the subject so there's Less Bitter, More Glitter. But cousin Amy is all Czech Me Out, trying to impress us.

We just Pop the Bubbly because we are all Soho-Over It and we start without her.

Uncle Fred starts to share his crazy stories. We're pretty sure he's got Lacey Business on the Upper East Side. We all Keep Calm and Chevron.

Soon, everyone is laughing and having A Dashing Time. In fact, there's talk of Secret Santa and who will linger Under the Mistletoe.

When it's Twilight Hour, it's time to Wine Down. There are hugs all around with people saying, Teal We Meet Again and Chelsea Ya Later. It's all so Fort Worth It.

Let the Holidaze begin! (the end)

As you go into Thanksgiving dinner, no matter if you have one like I just described or perhaps another version, just keep smiling and laugh your way through and take advantage of the little joys. Thank you so much!


BTW, all of these fun colors are by Color Street, the number one selling nail color in the United States that you perhaps you haven't heard of. They are dry nail strips of real base coat, polish, and top coat - a totally revolutionary way to do nail color. And are available through individuals like me. They are my chosen product partner because they are fast, cheap, easy, and FUN! If you decide to purchase them through the links above, you won’t be paying any additional fees, but I will receive compensation which helps me inspire more women to live like their nail color.


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