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  • Mary Foley

[Stay Strong] What’s Essential to Stay Strong?

What books inspire you to stay strong in business and life during uncertainty?

One of mine is Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

He says being an essentialist is about doing “less, but better.”

That REALLY spoke to me because I tend to put too much on my plate and wear myself out. In fact, my mom once told me that if I were her only child (she had 4) that I would have filled her time with all my projects!

But not all projects or activities or goals in business and life are created equal. The pandemic party really put a microscope on what matters most to me and my business.

To stay strong, I keep asking myself:

“What matters most? What matters most? There can only be a few things. Less, but better.”

McKweon recommends to “Define success. Eliminate everything else.”

As the pandemic parties on, I continue to define success by a few quarterly goals to remain flexible to changing circumstances.

I’ve noticed more recently that as the world re-opens (kinda, sorta), there are all kinds of shiny objects disguised as new opportunities to distract my attention and take me off-course. In uncertainty, FOMO (fear of missing out) kicks in big time.

More than ever, I’ve had to remind myself:

“Don’t believe it. You’re not missing out on anything but a fear sandwich. You’ve got your goals. That’s all you need right now.” That’s all you need right now, too.


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