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  • Mary Foley

[Stay Strong] The Secret to Feeling Confident

As we get back to business this fall, I have a few more books to share with you to inspire you to stay strong!

This one is The Confidence Code by Katty Kay + Claire Shipman. I was so curious – what could the code be? Everyone wants to feel a little or a lot more confident!

What this book confirms from research and real stories is this:

There are all kinds of things inside and outside of you that will rob you of building and bolstering your confidence.

The ONLY real confidence code is to Take Action.

AKA do sh*t, keep what’s working, replace what’s not, realize you’re making progress, and keep going.

You can figure it out. And, in time you will go “Dang, look what I’ve done!” And odds are in your favor you won’t die.

Feeling confident starts by doing. No way around it.


Do you want to stay strong?... Do you want to do it together?

I didn’t write a book, but to inspire you to stay strong, I created a 10-part email series called Stay Strong + REV UP. In this series, you will:

  • Discover your first (and last) hurdle to success and staying strong

  • Why your revenue can remain strong if you’re a magician rather than a mule

  • The very best way to sell and serve others in changing circumstances

  • The simplest way to determine your client’s biggest problems…now

  • How to get past the fear of what to do next in any situation

To sign up for for this new FREE series, click here.


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