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  • Mary Foley

[Stay Strong] Struggling to Get Clarity on Your 2022?

Welcome to 2022 where it's more of the same and you're so over it!

You might even be feeling, "What can I really do differently this year and is it possible to try anything new? Is it smart?"

It can be difficult to come up with the clarity of what you want to do for this year and feel that new things are possible for 2022.

If you're in that space, here’s a story that hit me really front and center this past week.

It started when we made an offer on a new home. The homeowner’s actions indicated they wanted to sell. They were happy to show up the house. We offered the price they wanted with really good terms. They even were out looking for new homes.

Then they suddenly decided they didn’t want to sell. All our excitement about roof top terrace parties and furniture placement went poof! We were so disappointed because it was a great home.

But what really struck me was the homeowner doesn’t know what they want. They didn't have clarity. And I think they were afraid to make a step, even though the indication was they've been thinking about it for six or more months.

You may not know what you want, either. You may not have clarity about your goals for your business or for personal well-being for the next 12 months. And you feel extra pressure to have a grand plan it's the New Year. Ugh, it’s easy to feel even worse.

If that’s you, here's what I suggest:

Don't worry about a grand plan for the next 12 months. Right now, just focus on the first quarter.

What do you want to be true about your business and about your personal life by March 31, 2022? That is probably a lot easier to answer.

And whatever you come up with, pick one next step to do for any of those aspirations, goals or dreams. Just one thing and let action show you the way. Trust the process.

Think about all the times in the past where you just started in on an initiative or an idea. You pursued it and figured it out along the way. You got the clarity you needed.

The same thing is true now.

When it comes to our home, one thing we were clear about was we wanted to sell. So, we did the next actions we needed: get the house ready and get a realtor.

Then we decided to reward ourselves by going away for a few weeks and hopefully let the realtor and the home sell itself. But we don't know for sure where we're going next.

For some people they might freak out. For us, we just went, "Hey, think of all the other times in the past where we had the clarity of what to do. We weren't quite sure about the other part of where to go next, but we always figured it out."

So, right now you're if feeling a little stuck, if you're not really quite clear…

Only think about this quarter, take the first step, and let action show you the way.


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