• Mary Foley

[P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast] The Smart Way to Find and Lease Space for Your Business

Remember when you looked for your first apartment?  And then a bigger one?  And eventually you purchased your own home?  Each time it was exciting and a bit unnerving, right? Imagine needing a new or different space for your business.  It's also exciting, but far more complex.  Today's guest shares the smart - and not so smart - ways to find the best space and the best leasing terms to grow your business.    

In this episode, I talk to Melanie Graves, Commercial Realtor with RE Max Alliance. Every day she helps business owners find the right space in the right location for the right terms to lease or purchase space for their business goals.

Click to listen and learn:

  • The most common reasons business owners and entrepreneurs need to lease space

  • Why you shouldn’t call the numbers of posted “For Lease” signs on office buildings or retail space and what to do instead

  • How a Commercial Real Estate agent can save you thousands not cost you a dime

  • What to look for when choosing a Commercial Real Estate agent

  • What you absolutely need to know to make the best leasing decision for your business

  • The most common mistakes business owners and entrepreneurs make when leasing space


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