• Mary Foley

[P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast] The Savvy Way to Hire (and Fire) Employees

Hiring your first, tenth, or fiftieth employee for your small business can feel daunting, especially in a competitive talent marketplace. What’s the best process for finding the right candidates? What interview questions should you ask? What should you do if your new hire doesn’t work out?

In this episode, I talk with Norma Jean McClain, President of TekChix Staffing and Consulting. With over 10 years of staffing experience in various industries, Norma Jean specializes in matching up the best IT professional with the best IT employers, which isn’t an easy task in today’s competitive talent marketplace.

Click to Listen and Learn:

  • The smart steps to find and hire the right person for the right job

  • How a job description impacts you as a small business owner now – and later

  • The two types of interview questions you should ask

  • The real risks of hiring the wrong person

  • Early signs that an employee is not a fit

  • How to fire someone in a way that’s respectful and legally smart