• Mary Foley

[P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast] Mindset Shifts to Achieve Prosperity When A New Life is Calling

With all the change and challenge of the last few years, do you feel you are being called or big-time nudged in a new direction? And, if so, are you wondering how to get more clarity on what that means and what next steps you need to take? Today’s guest has experienced what it feels like to make a major life shift and all the fear, doubt, and anxiety that can come with it, especially if you do it alone. Not only will her story inspire you, but also her spirit and wisdom in what she’s learned and how she’s using her own experience to help others do the same, but without the alone part!

In this episode of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast Host, I speak with Sharon Heno, a licensed professional counselor and transformational coach. She’s the CEO of Behavioral Health Counseling and Consulting where she leads a team of therapists who help with depression, anxiety, marriage, and relationship issues, and more. After 20 years in mental health counseling, her newest adventure is Sharon Heno Coaching where she uses her Prosperity Reimagined program to help professionals identify their natural skill set and launch them into a new career path.

Listen and Learn:

  • How we are called to live and work in our purpose

  • Changing career directions in a pinch

  • Working with a transformational coach

  • Getting in alignment with your true essence

  • Common signs you are ready for a new direction

  • Be open to recognizing a mind-body connection

  • What successful business people do that you need to do too

  • Tips for overcoming fear to get motivated

  • Identifying your purpose

  • Using reflective questions to assess where you are

  • Achieving prosperity in mind, body, and soul

  • Essential mindset shifts that change our relationship with money

  • Everything starts with our ‘why’

  • Eliminating absolutes, judgments, and negatives from thoughts and speech