• Mary Foley

[P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast] Is Marketing Automation the Key to Business Success in 2022?

In 2021, what strategies did you implement to grow your business? Did you update your business website or revamp it completely? Did you beef up your social media marketing and clean up your customer and prospect email list?

All of these approaches are important in a competitive virtual marketplace, but what else can you do to grow your business in 2022?

Maybe this is the year you level up to marketing automation. If you are not sure what marketing automation is and how it can increase your online marketing efforts, this discussion is for you.

In this episode of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast I speak with copywriter, email-marketer, and marketing automation expert Mariana Santiago. Mariana shares tips and tricks about how to use data to create better client follow-up, create stronger customer relationships, and make smart decisions as you strategically grow your business. As a freelance writer, Mariana realized she could better serve and support her clients by setting up and automating the systems that build valuable relationships between her clients and their customers.

Listen and Learn:

  • CRM: What it is and how it helps your business

  • Top 3 reasons your business needs a CRM tool

  • Harvesting customer data and using it to boost your business

  • How automating your marketing efforts puts your product in the public eye more quickly and more often

  • The benefits of integrating CRM and marketing automation platforms

  • Real business success stories created by utilizing both platforms

  • The 3-step process to finding the right CRM for your business

  • When to avoid marketing automation

  • The biggest mistakes business owners make when implementing marketing automation or CRM platforms