• Mary Foley

[P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast] How Smart Marketing is the Key to Scaling Your Growth Initiative

Do you have a fresh new business you would like to see grow and thrive? Or is your mature, existing company ripe for scaling up? What steps and processes will you put in place to grow at the right pace for your resources? And, how can you be sure you are conveying a cohesive brand message that is a direct reflection of your core value statement? By partnering with an experienced marketing strategist you can trust: that’s how.

In this P.O.W.E.R Plug Podcast, I speak

with Lizy Freudmann owner and Chief Marketing Strategist at One More Thing LLC, a data-driven marketing company that puts the fun in marketing fundamentals. In 2008, just after the recession hit, Lizy knew she wanted to forge her own path and become an entrepreneur but she wanted to minimize her risk. A mentor recommended she invest in herself instead of building someone else’s business. Her distinctive process for scaling and extensive knowledge of leveraging new opportunities led her to develop marketing strategies for big brand names such as Nike and Bloomberg. During this conversation, Lizy shares her unique perspective and offers guidance on the best way to scale a business while maintaining the level of customer attention your clients deserve. Plus, you should consider the new B Corp certification for your service-based business.

Click to listen and learn:

  • How to approach growing and scaling a business

  • Visualizing what growth looks like for your business

  • How to take a holistic view of your business

  • How to discover what it is you don't know and recognize possible missed opportunities

  • Assembling the right team to make your mission a reality

  • The benefits of empowering and trusting the team you put in place

  • Rethinking market research and data analysis

  • The importance of creating a cohesive brand message based on your product's core value statement

  • Mistakes small business owners make when trying to scale

  • The issues that can arise from aggressive growth strategies

  • The two 'new' types of B-Corps and how to become certified