• Mary Foley

[P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast] Five Keys to Retail Success

With everything that's happened since the pandemic started, do you think that retail, especially, local retail is dead? Chances are you know a shop owner who has struggled dealing with closures and limited foot traffic during this crisis. Today's guest says retail is not dead. She believes it is the retailers who need resuscitating and she has the antidote to bring them back to life. Using her approach, any sales professional novice or seasoned will become equipped to outclass the competition and graduate to being their ideal clients’ trusted source even in the toughest of times.

In this episode of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug podcast, I speak with the Founder of West London BTQ, Mariah Walton Bencik. Mariah studied fashion merchandising and textiles in West London and after moving to New Orleans in 2017, realized her lifelong dream of owning a boutique. When the pandemic hit, she dug in her heels using her trademark PAGECS system. In just three years after starting her boutique, Mariah was named as one of the Tastemakers by Southern Living magazine. Her book, Retail, She Wrote: Five Simple Keys to Unlocking Your Success in Retail is a guidebook for retailers who want their business to survive any type of crisis.

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  • How to use Instagram to generate sales

  • The importance of stamina when it comes to social media

  • Staying relevant during a crisis

  • Five keys to retail success

  • Customer relationship tools

  • Formal retail language

  • How to handle offenses

  • Navigating personnel issues