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[P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast] Benefits Trends that Attract, Retain and Engage Employees

As a small business owner competing for talent, making smart decisions about employee benefits is strategic.

What benefits do employees want most? How can you use benefits to attract, retain, and keep employees engaged? What are the trends in employee benefits that go beyond traditional medical, dental or vision coverage?

In this episode, I talk with Shanita Byrd, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Capital Officer at Sonabank. A key aspect of Shanita's role is attracting, engaging and retaining the very best people. Today we tap into her expertise on one topic that every potential employee is interested in — employee benefits.

Click to listen and learn:

  • What small business owners need to consider before setting up an employee benefits plan

  • How many employees is enough to consider offering medical, dental, or vision benefits

  • How to determine what benefits employees want most

  • What benefits small business owners can offer even if the cost of offering medical, dental or vision benefits is prohibitive

  • Surprising trends in employee benefits to attract and engage great talent

  • The 3 big mistakes small business owners make creating employee benefit plans


Known for her insights, candidness and humor, Mary Foley revs up women entrepreneurs with the clarity, confidence, consistency, and community to generate the revenue they really want. When she’s not wearing her red cape as a business coach, workshop facilitator, or host of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast, she’s usually sipping wine at a Virginia winery.   

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