• Mary Foley

[P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast] Adapting to Change

Do You know what is true for you to design your best life? How do you respond when the process gets uncomfortable? "If your dreams and desires don't make you uncomfortable they are not big enough" says Karen Sulzer. Discomfort doesn't have to be a negative, it can be an opportunity to grow. There is energy in the discomfore you can use to propel you forward into any endeavor you feel in your gut is right for you.

And, you don't have to go it alone. Coaches and mentors can be guides to help you bring out your best self and help you to design a life filled with true happiness.

In this episode, I speak with Karen Sulzer, the founder, and creator of Pebble Nation. Pebble Nation is a community in search of living a life of pure joy and happiness. Karen started her personal development journey five years ago when she found herself ready to find her authentic voice and live her best life. After completing the program at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she made the decision to coach women and girls to listen to their intuition and to design and live their best life. Karen was born and raised in New Orleans where she studied architecture at LSU. When she started her family in her late twenties, her life was wonderful and uncomfortable. She grappled with being a mother and the challenges of the time commitment her career required. She started exploring her hobbies and interests. It was a great turning point when she realized her passion could become a profession. In addition to her coaching practice, she is creating a retreat center for women.

Click to listen and learn:

  • Strategies to create your best life

  • Best practices for adapting to change or adversity

  • How to prioritize your list of action items

  • The importance of being organized and intentional

  • How to articulate the things that bring your joy unapologetically

  • How living your best life sets a good example for your children

  • The joy of being present and embraching where you are now

  • Why self-love and self-care is important