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Make Meaningful Connections with this Super Simple Technique

You really want to make meaningful connections with the very people you are designed to serve, right?

Then make sure that you do this simple, powerful behavior that’s often overlooked. It’s called speak prospect. Here’s how:

#1 – Ask good questions

Good questions are questions about them, like “What do you love best about what you do?” I love that question because everyone has a response.

#2 – Listen carefully to what they say and how they say it

They might respond with something like, “I love helping small business owners take the exhale out of social media.” So now I know they work with small business owners about their social media and they want them to feel a big exhale. Great phrase.

# 3 – Use their words in your response

For example, you could say, “Terrific, what’s your biggest challenge right now in getting those small business owners to have a big exhale?” And you are now, by asking that question and using their words, silently saying to them, “Oh, I get you. I hear you. Tell me more.”

And guess what. They do want to tell you more, and you have authentically and immediately built a kind of connection that leads them to want to know more about you.

It’s about Caring, not Selling

To me, speaking prospect isn’t about a sales technique. It’s a skill behavior that says, “I care about you.” It takes real effort to pay attention and practice to make this your default mode. But the impact? It’s totally worth it.

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