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  • Mary Foley

[Level Up] Your Path to 2 Years from Now

I’m not a brain surgeon. And I’m not a rocket scientist (my bachelor’s in industrial engineering doesn’t cut it).

But I do know that a dream without a scheme is pure fantasy.

You have to create a plan to get where you want to go and then start doing the practical actions to make your dream a reality.


But you still may find yourself stuck. That’s when it’s useful to think of yourself on a path.

When you have a destination in mind and are walking on a path towards it, you focus on the short distance in front of you. After that short distance, you then see the next part of the path and navigate that section.

You may (likely will) come across an unexpected stream, hole, or thick brush (metaphorically or real if you’re in the woods). So, you figure out how to go through it, around it, or call for help. No reason to do it alone. In time, you get where you were headed.

The same is true for taking your BIG dream of what you and your business look like 2 years from now. AKA "the BEST 2 years of your life!". You can create a practical plan by breaking it down into SMALLER dreams to get there.

That’s what a savvy group of women entrepreneurs did at the REV UP Retreat.

In fact, here’s a page from the retreat workbook that shows the simple, but powerful approach to mapping out Your Level Up Path.

  • Start by dreaming about what you and your biz look like 2 years from now. Here are some questions to get your juices flowing.

  • Then, pick your top 3 “level up” goals for each. Be as specific as possible. Put that in the “2 years from now” row on the chart.

  • Next, decide what each goal looks like 1 year from now. Then 6 months from now. Then 3 months from now.

For example, one of my big goals is that 2 years from now I have a new podcast that has 10K downloads a month.

On the path to getting there…

  • One year from now my goal is to have 5K downloads/listeners per month.

  • 6 months from now my goal is 1500 downloads/listeners per month.

  • 3 months from now my goal is 500 downloads/listeners per month.

That means right now all I have to do is walk down the path of getting 500 downloads/listeners per month.

Leveling up has stages and progressions. I’m sure it won’t go exactly as planned, but in my personal quarterly reviews, I will review, learn, and adjust.

Like this simple, powerful approach? I’ve ripped out page 13 of the retreat workbook and you can download it here.

Like me, you may not be a rocket scientist or perform brain surgery. But mapping out Your Next Level Path isn’t rocket surgery. Ha!

It’s just what successful people do with dreams to level up to their next big thing. That’s YOU!


Plus, whenever you’re ready here are 2 ways I can help rev up you and your business as a women entrepreneur:

  1. Sign-up for the Stay Strong + REV UP email series. We’ll take one topic at a time and break it down so you get the strategies, insights, and mindset shifts you can use right away.

  2. Apply now for REV UP Society membership starting July 1. Book a call to determine if membership is a good fit. You will talk about where you are today, where you want to be, and what you need to rev up and level up.


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