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  • Mary Foley

[Level Up]The New FOMO

Have you heard about the new FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?

If you truly want to level up you and your business, you don’t want you to miss out on this reframing. It’s powerful.

And the new FOMO must be powerful because the impact of fear is HUGE. You know. You lived with it in large doses the last two years.

Sometimes fear is useful. Like when it propels you to take positive action. (For example, when I was fearful of my ex hitting me again. I literally ran out of my apartment and got help.)

Most of the time fear’s aim is to weaken and make you feel powerless. So irritating.

The solution isn’t to reason with fear or tell it to go away. The key is how to flip fear into something that works for you vs against you. How to turn it upside down.

The new FOMO struck me recently after coaching several clients (all women entrepreneurs). Here’s what happened:

  • Client #1 shared an update about a long-time client who suddenly had an energy-draining, time-sucking crisis. It’s been going on for months now. She’s frustrated that her other clients and projects aren’t getting enough attention.

  • Client #2 lamented over a new client who can’t decide what she really wants. Her client keeps saying “No, that’s not it” after she creates options again and again.

  • Client #3 has been deep into discussions with a prospect who looks very promising. But she’s torn because the prospect wants her to modify her business model to meet their needs.

Can you see the trend?

Each in their own way are experiencing FOMO growth – the fear of missing out on a business opportunity.

All three women entrepreneurs have experienced real business growth in the last 6 months. They have a full client load, they are adding team members, and one has a designated waiting list.

They’ve been focused and did the work to make all this happen. What they are now realizing is that to keep leveling up they must shift from happily saying “yes” to most clients/prospects to saying “no” or “no longer” to clients/prospects who will cost you more time, energy, and opportunity from your ideal client in the long run.

That’s the new FOMO – the Freedom of Missing Out!

You gladly miss out on business opportunities and potential clients who don’t fit your better defined, upgraded, ideal client. Because you see the real cost – in time, energy, and focus.

When I asked Client #3 what she would do if she didn’t go forward with this new prospect, she said she would immediately start working with another prospect. Who is waiting for her to be available, who is excited, and who is a perfect fit.

And how does that make your feel, I added. Relieved and excited was her answer.

That’s the freedom! Freedom from the weight of high-maintenance, time-sucking, energy-draining clients. Freedom to be excited, energized, and excited to work with perfect ideal clients.

Do you want this new FOMO?

To flip the FEAR of missing out to the FREEDOM of missing out, ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Do I have a client or prospect I need to say “no” or “no longer” to?

  2. What is it costing me (or could cost me) in time, energy, and focus to keep or take on this client?

  3. If I didn’t have this client/prospect, how would I feel?

  4. If I didn’t have that client/prospect, what would I do instead?

If you easily have an answer for what to do instead that excites you, it’s time to let the new FOMO kick in. It’s time to level up you, your clients, and ultimately your business.

BTW, to their credit, all three of my clients got it when I pointed out what was going on. We then figured out how to gracefully say no in each situation. They are amazing. You are, too!


Plus, whenever you’re ready here are 2 ways I can help rev up you and your business as a women entrepreneur:

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