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  • Mary Foley

[Level Up] Mary Had a Little Lamb

Today is my birthday. Number 57. Wow, how’d that happen?

That’s a different story. Right now, I want to share with you another one.

My older sister sent me a birthday card with this photo tucked inside. I was 3 years old. Remind you of this?

“Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.

And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.”

Here’s the wild thing. I still have that lamb! Six months ago, I rediscovered it and almost threw it away, but something made me hesitate.

You see, I could not conjure up a memory of playing with it or when it was given to me. It had lost its meaning. Then I got this photo of me playing wit

h the lamb and on the back it says my grandmother Spunky Ethel made me the nurse outfit. Notice I’m wearing a red top underneath, ha!

Today what this photo conjures up for me is something profound:

At three years old I’m the nurse taking care of the lamb. At 57 I’m the lamb who needs a shepherd who will guide and take care of me.

“The greatest threat to your happiness and wholeness is your unrecognized spiritual needs” writes Matthew Kelly in Life is Messy.

“Life is not just a physical experience. It’s clear that it’s also an emotional experience, and an intellectual experience, but we neglect the reality that it is also a spiritual experience…You cannot thrive and flourish while letting your soul starve.”

This pandemic party has been a messy mix of emotions, physical strain, and mental stress that no doubt you have done your best to address. But what about your spiritual needs? Have they gone unrecognized?

If they have and you’re uncomfortable exploring your spiritual experience, keep it simple and ask God, the Good Shepard, for guidance. AKA “seek and you shall find.”

Here’s what I know from my experience.

God’s had my back for a long time. But these last 2 years I needed to stop, turn around, and see Him face to face.

Because looking ahead was confusing, uncertain, and scary. Looking to God has given me calm, strength, hope, and understanding.

Do you want to thrive and flourish this year? It won’t happen if you let your soul starve. Level up your spiritual life.

Your inner 3-year-old is totally cool with it!


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