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  • Mary Foley

Increase Your Revenue Without Increasing Your To-Do’s

One of the best strategies to increase your revenue without increasing your to-do’s is to determine a short list of high impact Revenue Generating Activities. And then work that list like a dog with a bone!

Because passion is great. Big ideas are great. But if you don’t take specific granular action, it’s all talking trash.

What are RGAs?

They are specific activities that attract and connect with your ideal clients that lead them to saying yes. It might be called marketing, might be called selling, might be called promoting. I don’t care! What I care about is that these are activities that work.

First, Determine Your Revenue Producers

What are your top products or services that create the most revenue for your business? Pick no more than three. Then pick three, maybe four, RGAs for each of those revenue producers. For example, if you have a wine shop, maybe one of your revenue producers is red wine and one of your best RGAs to sell more bottles is in-store tastings. Maybe for rose wine it’s going to booths at wedding expos. Maybe for wine tours it’s going to charity events because the people will go to those events love wine and want to travel.

Limit yourself to a short list and then do those things.

Think about things that have already worked. Things that you like to do. Things that you want to try. And then keep the ones that work and just throw out and replace the ones that don’t work well or stop working. Just like a seed. It’s about concentrated effort where you really get growth. Use it to rev up your business.



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