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  • Mary Foley

How to Win More Revenue When You Feel Overwhelmed

Want to put generating revenue in your win column? Are you feeling overwhelmed with too many demands and too many distractions?

Well, here’s an idea. Take a look at your entire list of to do’s and ask yourself what’s important now. That's how you can W. I. N.!

Watch to see what I mean:

What’s one important activity I can do right now to move me towards generating revenue?

Maybe it’s an email you need to send, a phone call you need to make or that proposal that you’ve been putting off that you need to craft and get out to your prospect.

You know, important doesn’t necessarily mean exciting. If it were exciting, you probably would have already done it. But you can’t let distractions and overwhelm prevent you from doing the very activities you must do to generate revenue.

Instead, ask yourself, What’s Important Now? Take one action and start winning.



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