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  • Mary Foley

[Stay Strong] Have You Leveled UP Your Mindset Yet?

What do you really, really want to be true about you and your business by the end of the year?

Whatever it is, there’s something powerful you need to get there. It’s something that struck me as each woman entrepreneur was sharing her Q4 goals at the end of REV UP Retreat I held earlier this month.

Something we all “know” but often underestimate its true impact.

Let me explain.

You see, the first day of the retreat each person shared their top 3 wins for the last 90 days, AKA Q3. Here were several:

  • One gal crossed over the $100,000 mark for the first time

  • Another gal already matched her 2021 sales and is on her way to busting a long-time sales goal

  • And yet another gal created a strategic partnership that majorly elevates her business

They weren’t bragging. It was all true. They had worked hard. They were excited.

AND they were a bit amazed with a “Wow, how did this happen?” look on their face.

Later in the retreat they determined their Q4 goals (and created a new, rocking grown-up vision board to keep them top of mind).

As they shared their goals and vision boards, that’s when it struck me.

Even though they had already significantly shifted their mindset to get them where they are today…every single gal talked about leveling UP their mindset.

Instead of believing “I’ve done enough mindset shift”, they said “let me shift more.”

They realized their mindset was a much bigger key to their success than they realized.

What about you?

  • Has your mindset shifted in order to thrive in this brave, new world?

  • Do you find yourself wondering how you need to think differently about yourself and your business?

  • Do you want to end this year mentally stronger than you started?

I don’t know your specific situation, but I do know that after 18 months of coaching women entrepreneurs through the most challenging times we’ve ever experienced, your mindset needs to keep changing and getting stronger.

Some shifts you may have already made (yay for you!). Some you may be working on (this guide can give you new ideas). And some may be totally new (and perhaps a missing piece).

Use this guide to figure out what mindset shifts YOU need to make now to level up you and your business. It’s my gift to you!


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