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  • Mary Foley

For More Business, Ask for A.I.R.

So often we are so focused on getting new clients that we often overlook past or current clients. And yet they are a great source of more business, more referrals, and more revenue.

Often is just as simple as having a way to reach out to them and asking for “AIR”: Advice, Insights and Recommendations.

Here’s how to ask for A.I.R.: 1. Make a list of your top five to seven clients and then write an email asking for a conversation.

Something like, “I’m curious if you could help me out. I’m looking for ways to continue to add more value for my clients. Can we have a conversation where I can ask you a few questions to get your advice, insights, and recommendations?”

2. On the call, have several questions ready to go.

Questions like:

“When you think about the next six months, what are your biggest business challenges, and what have you already tried to resolve these challenges?” “If you could get these problems solved, what difference would it make to you and your business ?” 3. As you listen, be thinking, Can I help them solve these challenges with my products and services?

And if I can’t, is there someone I can recommend? Or is there a tool, article or a website that I can refer them to?

4. End the call with a simple thank you and ideas about how you might be able to help.

Often this leads to a deeper conversation where they want to hire you to work with them again!

Asking for A.I.R. isn’t hard to do, but your clients will appreciate that you took the time to ask and show that you care.



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