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  • Mary Foley

Do You Feel Lucky to Live in this Moment?

Hey there! Do you feel LUCKY to live in this moment of history? In a world full of crisis, accelerated change, and extreme weather, I know it sounds a bit crazy to even think of this as being lucky. But as I think back on WHEN I’ve had the biggest personal growth in my life, it was during a huge emotional storm.

And when my career or business took a leap forward it was when I experienced incredible turmoil and frustration. Is that true for you, too? When you look back, did you make your biggest leaps when it wasn’t easy. Or maybe, BECAUSE it wasn’t easy.

I truly wish you and I could become wise, better, stronger, and move forward without so much pain. Perhaps we can.

What if you took this challenging, demanding, complex time that’s full of unknowns and welcomed it as the perfect storm for significant personal growth, dream-like opportunities, and deep meaning?

Perhaps we could make it easier by saying “yeah, this kinda hurts, but it won’t last forever and damn I’m lucky!”

Do you feel lucky to live in this moment?

Have you let the chaos and confusion of the last year be a catalyst for personal or professional growth?

I’d love to know your thoughts! Leave a comment and let me know!


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