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  • Mary Foley

[Be Bold + Thrive] Be Specific and Speed Up Your Success

Want to speed up your success of what’s working NOW? Start with what Lily Tomlin said, "I always wanted to be somebody, just wish I had been more specific."

Bet you chuckled and winced because you’ve been there. You didn’t make a specific choice about something and then you got what you got. Which was usually not what you really wanted.

It’s hard enough to be a successful entrepreneur. Doing it during challenging times is even harder. The stakes are higher if you make the wrong choice. It’s easy to let fear get you stuck and not make any real, specific choice at all.

Therein lies the problem…and the big opportunity.

You see, when you are specific about critical choices such as who is your ideal client today, how you will modify your products or services, or what marketing options you choose, you are saying YES to one thing and NO to another.

That’s gutsy.

But, if you have the courage to make specific choices, the big opportunity is to be able to determine much more quickly how well your choices are working. And then to make adjustments. Do this often and you have a strategy to speed up your success.

For example, when I work with women entrepreneurs, we identify a short list (usually 9 – 12) of specific revenue generating activities or RGAs that they believe have the best chance of leading to more sales or being hired.

Often half the list they feel confident about because the RGAs are already working. The remaining RGAs they aren’t as sure about, but they want to try. No matter their confidence in the list, now they have a clear, specific list.

Next, they commit to doing at least three RGAs every single day. Within a few weeks they can already tell if the individual activities are working or not working, whether they are effective or ineffective.

At least once a month, they deliberately review their RGAs. Which ones need to be modified? What does that adjustment look like? Is there a RGAs that needs to be completely replaced? If so, what activity will you do instead?

Often, the answers are obvious, and the next specific choice is not a huge deal.

What is a huge deal is that by being specific in the first place, they can confidently make changes that are clear, practical, and quickly implemented.

So, if you always wanted to be somebody successful in challenging times, make specific decisions about your business and frequently review them to tweak and adjust. Bet Lily Tomlin wish she’d done just that!


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