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  • Mary Foley

[Be Bold + Thrive] Your One-Page 2021 Plan To Thrive

I’ve got an updated tune for you. Check this out:

“I’m making a list,

crossing things off,

keeping what works and doesn’t exhaust,

be bold and do it for you!”

Like it? If there’s one thing 2020 has shown us all is that doing more is not the path to happiness and success. In life and in your business. Doing what makes the most difference is!

What To Keep and What To Cross Off

The good news is that you don’t have to have a long list of activities to share with everyone everywhere. In fact, doing so will most likely leave you scattered and exhausted.

I love what Greg McKeown says in his book Essentialism: “Define success. Eliminate everything else.”

Look at your top 3 products or services that truly transform your ideal client’s problems into solutions. Then, pick 3, maybe 4, marketing, promotional, advertising, or other activities for each top product or service. I call these Revenue Generating Activities or RGAs.

What I do is brainstorm a whole list of RGAs and then cross off the ones that haven’t worked very well or zap my enthusiasm. I also seriously consider something new that I’m energized to try.

Here are some example RGAs:

  • Email marketing

  • Specific social media marketing (image or video posts, ads, lives, comments, messages)

  • Attending virtual or in-person conferences, meetings, or events

  • Hosting your own webinar/virtual event

  • Podcast (hosting or as a guest)

  • Writing Blogs

  • Website SEO

  • Postal cards or packages

Creating Your One-Page 2021 Plan to Thrive

Here’s the quick math. By choosing 3 or 4 RGAs for each of your top 3 products or services, you have a total list of 9 to 12 RGAs for you to focus on and do. That’s it! Not 20, 30 or 50.

You have defined your activities for success and can eliminate everything else.

There’s a handy chart in the Be Bold + Thrive 2021 Guide where you can write it all out and see how you can create your own one-page 2021 plan to thrive. It’s so empowering!

And don’t worry. If over time something isn’t working well enough, just replace it. With one thing, not 5.

Shiny object shows up? Not a problem.

With your defined list, it’s so much easier to say no.

Keeping a short list of Revenue Generating Activities is bold. But the reward is clarity and freedom to thrive in 2021 and beyond. So, start crossing things off and start doing what matters most. I’m pretty sure Santa would approve!


Be Bold + Thrive 2021 Guide

Are you a women entrepreneur who is so over 2020?

You can’t just wave a magic wand to make 2020 go away.

You can, however, flip it and turn all this crisis

into your greatest contribution and success yet.

This step-by-step guide will show you how!


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