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  • Mary Foley

[Be Bold + Thrive] For More Resilience Do More Replays + Reviews

How is your personal movie going right now?

Does it have sentimental parts?

Teary moments?

Scary scenes?

Want to make it a great movie? One full of resilience no matter what happens?

Then click to watch this quick video with a strategy I personally do and see if it helps you, too:

What makes a good movie isn’t constant success and unicorns.

What makes a good movie is the courage to overcome challenges and bouncing back better as a result.

For more resilience in your personal 2021 movie, it’s helpful (and a bit fun) to do more replays and reviews.

Rewind a few weeks, a month, or a whole year. Then replay in your mind and review by asking yourself questions like:

What were the good parts?

What were the hard parts?

What did I learn about myself, others, or my situation?

How am I stronger, smarter, or more resilient?

Every successful person in business and in life will answer with some version of:

"This is what happened. Sometimes it was good. Sometimes it sucked. Sometimes it was really hard. But here's what I gained for myself to go forward.”

Because the truth is…

When you can accept that you’re human and life hurts.

But you survived and gained something you didn’t have before.

That made you better.

That made you stronger.

Then you are more resilient.

And you are ready for the next scene in your own movie.

Want to capture your insights from your past movie to carry forward? Then grab the Be Bold + Thrive 2021 Guide and go to page 2. Download it for free here.


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