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  • Mary Foley

[Be Bold + Thrive] 3 Proactive Choices to Reduce Uncertainty + Stay Flexible

Growing a business during uncertainty is hard. Here are three proactive choices you can make to reduce uncertainty and stay flexible. And what’s at risk if you just let it slide.

  1. Clarity of Purpose and a Plan Being super clear on what matters in your business right now and what doesn't is a game changer. Because you can confidently focus on what makes the most difference. You can let go of the rest. Let go of time spent on initiatives that don’t produce enough results. Let go of high maintenance clients that are zapping your energy. Let go of vendors, subscriptions, and supplies that are wasting your money. What happens if you don't have clarity of purpose and a plan for what’s most essential right now? You become a tired squirrel. You are running all over the place, hoping this will work or…no, maybe that will work. It’s exhausting! You can’t grow a business in hard times if you’re exhausted.

  2. Consistent Action Simply doing more of the activities to grow your business will increase the likelihood of revenue. Plus, this consistency provides continuous feedback of what’s working and what needs tweaking. You’re more flexible to make small changes along the way and to see larger changes coming. During difficult times, when you don’t take consistent action, you not only risk revenue and flexibility, but you also risk disappearing. During the first few months of the pandemic many businesses did not reach out to their clients or make it know that they were still in business. Clients started to go elsewhere to get their needs met.

  3. Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs You’re a human being and we all need others in our circle who are going through the same thing to help us stay motivated and resilient. Even introverts, and those who love running solo. Sometimes it’s to bounce off ideas. Other times it’s to celebrate. Sometimes it’s to vent. What if you don't have a group of like-minded entrepreneurs? Unfortunately, fear too easily becomes your best friend. Which only increases uncertainty or being stuck.

What about you?

Which do you need most right now - a clear purpose and plan, consistent action, or a community of like-minded entrepreneurs?

Make a proactive choice today and start reducing uncertainty and staying flexible, especially in hard times.


Want more ideas on how to reduce uncertainty and stay flexible? Then grab the Be Bold + Thrive 2021 Guide. Download it for free here!


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