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  • Mary Foley

A Super-fast Way to Get Closer to Ideal Clients

Want a super-fast, super high impact way to get closer to your ideal clients and prospects?

Here’s something that’s worked for me that could easily work for you, too: hosting a small special event designed just for them. Whether in-person or virtual, it works!

First, it’s small, with limited special invitation only and limited RSVPs.

This ensures that those who are invited really feel special and those who attend really want to be there. This is about quality over quantity.

Second, it’s designed just for them.

Your events, content or program needs to be based on creative solutions to their problems.

So maybe it’s a round table discussion.

Maybe it’s a guest expert that you interview.

Maybe it’s an interactive presentation that you give.

Whatever it is, make sure that at some point you tie your products and services back to these solutions. And be sure to invite everyone there to have a follow up one on one conversation to explore more how you can help.

Your Turn!

What special event could you create for your ideal clients and prospects? Start brainstorming, start inviting, start revving up your business.



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