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  • Mary Foley

[7 Critical Mindset Shifts] Small is the New Big

It’s mid-summer.

It’s easy to chillax.

And it’s super easy to say you’re going to get some things done for your biz so that you’re raring to go in the fall.

Instead, you hesitate or overthink it and don’t get the smallest of things d-o-n-e.

Ha, been there! About a month ago I moved and for the first two weeks I had a bazillion things to do to get unpacked and settled. Yet, after I found enough clean clothes and toilet paper, I didn’t want to do a dang thing.

But if the boxes and piles stay long enough they become like furniture that doesn’t move so you walk around it. Am I right?

Same thing happened to my coaching client Tracy. She told me that she loved having her current prospect list and their status in front of her on a white board to stay motivated.

But she hadn’t put her white board up since moving offices 12 months ago!

“Leaning up against the wall,” she replied sheepishly. “I walk by it every day. It’s right beside my toolbox.”

Tracy is by no means lazy or unintentional. Just the opposite! She makes things happen and keeps leveling up her performance. Having her white board up with her current numbers would help.

But, for some reason she’s stuck. The white board sits there.

Same with my unpacked moving boxes. Same with the thing that you need to take care of, but you don’t.

And beyond all the rational about why it’s not “that important” it still bugs us. Because we want to be better than that. We don’t want a stupid little thing to make us hesitate or overthink.

So, how can you get unstuck when you hesitate or overthink getting “that stupid little thing” done?

It’s easier than you think. Right there on the call with Tracy I showed her how.

I asked her why she hadn’t put it up she said she needed a special wall mount.

What’s the smallest thing you could do right now to get your white board up?” I curiously asked. She said getting the maintenance person to help.

“What’s smaller than that?” I probed. Her eyes were blank. Smaller?

I then challenged her to immediately pick up the toolbox and whiteboard and put it on her desk. She walked around her desk, picked up the whiteboard and set it down on her desk.

“Great!" I said. "Now then write HANG ME UP on the white board” She laughed and did that, too.

This simple action got her wheels turning. “Really, this should only take 5 minutes to put up” she remarked.

“Will you take me a photo of it up on your wall within the next 24 hours?” was my final request.

“Yes!” she enthusiastically agreed.

Instead of 24 hours, she sent me the photo 5 minutes later and proudly shared that she didn’t need a special wall mount after all. A leftover nail in her toolbox would do.

Now when she looks at her whiteboard, she not only sees her latest numbers, but she’s also reminded that small actions that can make a big difference.

The very good news for you, Tracy, and myself is that SMALL IS BIG.

When it comes to getting started on a new project, making a change to your business, or simply getting something done that’s been waiting for your attention

Ask yourself: What’s the SMALLEST ACTION I can take right now?

- Send a text or email?

- Do a 5 min online search?

- Take 2 minutes to brainstorm?

- Post a question for input?

- Open the toolbox?

Make your action small enough to do immediately.

Because if you START, action will show you the way. And very likely it will be easier than you thought.

In today’s swirly and unpredictable world, it’s easy to get stuck. That’s why a bias for action is one of the essential mindset shifts I believe every woman entrepreneur must make.

There are 6 more. Each one is critical AND doable.

I really want you, Tracy, and all women entrepreneurs to be successful no matter what. So, take a look at my 7 Critical Mindset Shifts to see if your mindset is ready for the rest of 2022.

You can get them all here right now:


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