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  • Mary Foley

[7 Critical Mindset Shifts] Real Confidence in the Real (Uncertain) World

Everything is changing – fast: the economy, businesses, culture, communities, and more. It’s enough to rock anyone’s confidence.

That’s why our definition of confidence needs to change, too.

Most of us got that message that confidence is “I know what to do, how to do it, and have no doubts.”

We want to be Wonder Woman - free of fear, ready for anything, and letting our red cape fly!

The problem is all this constant change. Nothing feels certain. As soon as something seems to settle down, it shifts again. It feels like our red cape is at the cleaners.

Today we need a new definition of real confidence in the real world.

One that isn’t based on total competence, deep experience, or the absence of doubt. But is grounded in the reality of who we already are and our ability to choose every single moment.

Here it is:

Real confidence in the real world is “I know I can figure it out.”

Truly, the first hurdle to success is between your ears. So, when critical voices start ringing in your head saying you can’t figure it out, do an Ann Bradford on them: “Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up!”

Real confidence in the real world means…I believe in myself enough that somehow, some way, step by step, piece by piece, moment by moment, I can make my way, I can navigate through this, I can figure it out.

Not alone. I will reach out, ask questions, and seek help. But it’s up to me to take the lead to figure out what’s in front of me.

This kind of confidence is within your grasp right now. Here are two reasons why:

Reason #1: You have been adapting to change your ENTIRE LIFE

Nothing about you is the same since you showed up on this planet. You’ve been learning, growing, changing in some way every single day. You were created to do this. Lots of times you did it without realizing it. Imagine if now you do it consciously.

Reason #2: You are STILL HERE

This thing called life has not put you six feet under or in a jar. Sure, you’ve stumbled and made mistakes, but those have not been enough to stop you from ultimately moving forward. Life is sometimes about surviving, other times about thriving, and always about never giving up.

So, next time you find yourself getting uptight, nervous, or freaking out about another new twist, an unexpected demand, or a mini crisis, just stop.

Take a deep breath, strike a Wonder Woman pose and say out loud: I know I can figure this out. I’ve done it in the past, I can do it now. What’s the first step?


If you are looking for some guidance to make this year your best yet, check out my free guide From Now On: 7 Critical Mindset Shifts for Women Entrepreneurs Going Forward.


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