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  • Mary Foley

[7 Critical Mindset Shifts] 10 Simple Ways to Laugh Right Now

Could you use a really good laugh session?

Me, too. That's why I invited my coaching clients to a one-day retreat. We reflected on how our businesses and life was going "so far" this year.

Then shared and celebrated the successes AND the struggles with noise makers and blow bubbles!

Funny how our inner 8-year-old immediately showed up. Making noise through a plastic funnel made us all laugh. Our struggles felt lighter. Our successes seemed brighter.

These last few years with COVID and more have been so intense. Laughter has been hard to find. When we needed it most.

Which has made me realize that we all need to add “Learn to Laugh” to our life skills list.

You know, along with “Wash Your Hands Regularly” and “Cough Into Your Elbow” which were good habits before COVID but now are up there with The Ten Commandments.

According to research, adults laugh about 17 times a day while kids laugh an average of 300 times day. We adults could use some simple childlike ideas to get started.

Here are 10 simple ways to add laughter to your life every single day. Even when you’re the responsible, serious, life-can-be-hard, what’s-so-funny-about-that kind of adult.

  1. Look at your hair first thing in the morning. Mashed down. Scrunched up. Mad professor. It’s amazing and hilarious what a pillow can do! No one looks good unless you’re bald. In that case, go to #2.

  2. Watch your pet (or a funny pet video). Dogs especially do the darndest things. Cats, too, but they’d rather you didn’t notice their moments of foolishness.

  3. Watch your toddler (or a funny toddler video). Even the word toddler is funny. It means to wobble, waddle, or teeter. Why is almost falling over funny? I don’t know. Maybe because we’ve all been there. Just go with it and laugh.

  4. Take a quick break by searching “funny quotes about (insert topic like life, chocolate or wine)” on your favorite platform. Stuff you’ve never even thought of!

  5. Rather than typing a text response, send a funny gif back that expresses the same thing. Look for one that makes you laugh! Bet it will make them laugh, too.

  6. And speaking of texting, you can either get totally frustrated with autocorrect or find the suggestions humorous. Sometimes humorous enough to send the autocorrected version so that the other person laughs, too!

  7. Ask Siri or Alexa an impossible question just to hear the response. Like “What is zero divided by zero?” or “Should I wear my purple shirt today?” or “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Once you start, it can be hard to stop!

  8. Switch up your virtual background in the middle of a Zoom meeting. Search “funny virtual backgrounds” for a ton of options. Of course, know your audience and when it’s appropriate. Like good friends or a tight team.

  9. Sing out loud a favorite, upbeat song while you’re driving. With or without kids in the car. Add hand movements and head bobs for the full effect. Glance at yourself in the rearview mirror. Double dare ya not to laugh.

  10. Share a funny story or moment that happened to you within the last week. Like how your hair looked like first thing this morning! We’re not talking epic story telling here!

If none of these seem doable, don’t worry, you’re on the super safe side.

Because too much laughter might put you at risk for all kinds of problems like “syncope, cardiac and esophageal rupture, and protrusion of abdominal hernias (from side splitting laughter), asthma attacks, interlobular emphysema, cataplexy, headaches, jaw dislocation, and stress incontinence.”

And nobody wants any of these. Honestly, I’m not sure what some of them are!

Then again, you might want to take your chances because talk is cheap, but laughter is priceless!


If you are looking for some guidance to make this year your best yet, check out my free guide From Now On: 7 Critical Mindset Shifts for Women Entrepreneurs Going Forward.


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