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  • Mary Foley

5 Minute Pivot: Lisa Dearden

What if nearly ALL the magic that you provide clients happened in person?

That’s was true for Lisa Dearden. As the Executive Director of the non-profit RVAgriculture and owner of Chiknegg, she was about to open 6 farmer’s markets in early April.

Until the quarantine happened and in person farmer’s markets were banned. For the first time ever.

Most farmer’s markets across the country shut down with no alternative.

But that wasn’t good enough for Lisa. She was deeply concerned about the farmers who depended on her markets to make a living. And the people who really wanted local food. And what all this would mean for the regional economy.

Listen as she explains in her 5 Minute Pivot story just what she did to save 6 farmer’s markets for the farmers, the shoppers, and the local economy.


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